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The Mission

We Can not in our lifetime physically make enough herb stuff for everybody else, but we can help show everybody else what to do with herbs and what herbs are good for what. We have been gahering the info and recipes for this book for over 20 years from Appalachia to the Keewanau and Back.

The Authors Mike Hulbert and Anne Sangemino own Creation Herb Farm in Frankfort Michigan. They have been growing herbs and making tinctures, salves, infusions, teas, and may other herbal items as part of their daily lifestyle and rarely have needed to rely on conventional medicine for what ails them.

Living in an age of over regulation we feel that the knowledge of herbs for health and making simple herbal medicines for health may become lost. Having lived and herb farmed in the Appalachian mountains for over 25 years earlier in life the Authors were exposed to many old time ways with herbs that will soon be forgotten. We need your support to help us publish this homegorwn mix of herbal folklore balanced with modern use as acknowledged by the UN and EU commissions on herbs. Along with the information you need to effectively process and use them at home.

After making these items as part of our liefstyle for over 25 years we have come to take for granted what most others do not know about, there are healing plants for many conditions right under our noses in gardens and weedbeds and forests and simple wasy to use them that could save lives in an emergency or hard times.

The Authors

The authors have two previous works that were co-branded with Country Living magazine, Country Living's Handmade Soap , and Country Living Healthy Living's Pure Beauty, both hardbound printed by Hearst.

Our previous books were written under a publishing contract with a large publisher who then printed the books and moved on to the next to print and so on.

We need to self publish this book so that we will be free to distribute it the rest of our lives and pass it on. If we sell this to the big publishers it could be tabled or the copyright bought out and taken out of print by competitiors or pharmaceutical interests.

This Information needs to be available for future generations in laymans terms such as we live and talk so these traditions and herbal remedies can be passed down to the next generations.

Your contribution will help us finish editing and producing the neccasary images and text for the printing press and allow us to have printed however many copies the funding project will allow us to print.

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Some people just canít contribute, but that doesnít mean they canít help:

Please help us to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign, before this type of knowelege becomes prohibited property as it already is in some corners of the world.

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