Balances, Moon Tides, Mood Phases for Menstrual cycles.

MoonTide Aroma Mist
MoonTide Aroma Mist
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Product Description

Stimulates and elevates the mind to be at peace.


MoonTide Aromatherapy
MoonTide collection has an 'Uplifting & Balancing Phase.' Moon's Tide is a swift moving, emotionally balancing, aromatherapy. Frankincense stimulates and elevates the mind, one of the same physiological responses to moon tides and high tides. Ylang Ylang is a balancer, Geranium Essential Oil is a revitalizer; Grapefruit, light and aromatic. Roman Chamomile; Calming. Clary Sage; balancer, active constituent, sclareol, a phytoestrogen, mimics estrogen, and last but not least, Peppermint; the current itself!
Aroma Misters
The Lavender Herb Garden Mist made by us was previously sold by Hallelujah Acres as well. Aromatherapy Misters with Pure Essential Oils and Purified Spring Water.