An Emollient Facial Cleanser With An Astringent Synergy. The Vitality Improves The Texture Of The Complexion, Hydrates And Moisturizes. Tightens Large Pores And Gently Cleanses.  For All skin types.
  • Anna's Secret Cleansing Lotion is an emollient rich cleanser with astringent qualities that may improve the texture of the complexion. 
  • Factor in the hydrating and moisturizing elements, the result is a soft, clean, moisturized texture to your skin.
  • A Shaving Cream! Lather the skin with soap and add Anna's Secret Cleansing Lotion. The razor will glide through it and your skin feels soft and moisturized.


  Evening Primrose A Natural Skin Care Ingredient In Anna's Secret Cleansing Lotion.  It Is A Barrier For The Outer Layer Of The Skin, A Shield Of Protection For Anti-Aging, And From Environmental Free Radicals And Toxins.

Nutrients In Evening Primrose Seed Oil: Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin E., And Zinc.


 Rich In Iodine, Approximately 80%.  An Emollient For Troubled Complexions. 
Jojoba Is An Ester; It Has The Closest Constitution To Our Own Sebaceous Oil, Also Known As An Ester. Our Skin Has A Natural Affinity With Jojoba. It Suits Itself Comfortably, With A Synergistic Design To Protect Our Skin.


Geranium Has A Dynamic Vitality, Contributing To A Stimulating Surge Of Elemental Energy.
Supports The skins Optimal Health, By Cleansing, Toning, And Tightening The Pores. 

Anna's Secret Cleansing Lotion, Facial Cleanser

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